DistrictofColumbia.com Launched!

DistrictofColumbia.com is officially launched as of yesterday 5/17/2012. Fred Mercaldo and his team at CitiesPlanet did a great job with the logo and the content and I am excited to see where this goes. I am hoping that the new call center they have planned for next week gets off the ground and starts to produce. I will post any new developments here on my blog.

Here is the Press Release


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DistrictOfColumbia.com Purchase and Co-Development with Fred Mercaldo of GEO Development Ventures, LLC

I am excited to announce my recent purchase of DistrictOfColumbia.com and now my co-development deal with Fred Mercaldo using his City In The Box Platform.

Will launch in May, 2012 and will post updates here.

The Press Release says it all:


February 21, 2012, Scottsdale, AZ: CitiesPlanet and Scottsdale.com, LLC announced the signing of a major development and marketing agreement with Shai Neubauer to build and launch his brand DistrictOfColumbia.com. Scottsdale.com will handle all of the software development, based on their popular City In The Box platform; CitiesPlanet will then handle all marketing, advertising, partnering, and branding responsibilities.

“We are very pleased that Shai has chosen our team to develop DistrictOfColumbia.com,” says Fred Mercaldo, Founder and Managing Partner of Scottsdale.com, LLC and CitiesPlanet. “This brand represents a major region, is the capital of the United States, and is home to close to 6,000,000 residents. We expect that, in time, DistrictOfColumbia.com will become one of our top success stories.”

Shai Neubauer states, “I am very excited to be working with Fred and his team to make DistrictOfColumbia.com a reality. We both share the same vision….that this brand will become a comprehensive City Guide for our Nation’s capital, highlighting all its landmark attractions, tourism, real estate, sports, politics, events and everything else the District has to offer.

CitiesPlanet states that DistrictOfColumbia.com will launch in May, 2012.

About Shai Neubauer: Visit www.ShaiNeubauer.com.

About CitiesPlanet: Visit www.CitiesPlanet.com for further information.

Contact: Fred Mercaldo, email Fred@Scottsdale.com phone 602-859-3786

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The Birth of a Media Company – Jewocity Media Corp.


About a year ago, I was fortunate enough to acquire a few high quality local GEO domains for the Jewish market—CrownHeights.com, Monsey.com and BoroPark.com.

I had no original business plan for the names, but I was always impressed with the e-directory software and the benefits it can provide for your SEO efforts.  I decided to run local business directories for my new properties and started the process of manually uploading local businesses.

With a goal of a quick site launch, I soon learned that the manual uploads would take much too long. I needed something that worked quicker and easier (through a datafeed), but would that exist for just the Jewish market?

I conducted a search for Jewish business directory and found the largest one. It was named Jewocity.com, and it had about 50,000 listings.  This was exactly what I needed to populate my sites; I soon emailed the owner who originally was not interested in selling.

After a few more emails and a phone call, we finally made an agreement and I had what I needed.  With Jewocity.com, I had the perfect umbrella site. I then worked on expanding the city sites into more neighborhoods. I succeeded: A year later, utilizing my domain buying experience, I now had over 100 GEO domains which were populated with local businesses.

For the most part, I bought wisely from many different sources including buydomains, private owners and large corporations. I decided to pass on the higher priced ones and settle for the .net’s and .org’s in some cases. When I felt the city.com was unattainable, I went with “city state.com”—i.e., BrooklynNewYork.com, and SkokieIllinois.com.

My goal is to create a thriving online media company with a lot of targeted local traffic for the Jewish market, a market which I am very much a part of.  I am in the early stages of marketing and sales and very pleased with the progress I have already seen, in addition to the great potential of the network.

Early achievements for the site include:

¨     hiring a well known writer for compelling blog content

¨     creating social network accounts, including Facebook and Twitter, with several thousand likes and followers.

¨     streamlining the Classifieds sections on all city sites to point directly to one page at Jewocity.com. The same was done for the Events and Blog sections.

Currently, I am in talks with several individuals and companies to possibly: a) explore ways to power the classifieds section; b) head up an ongoing sales division; and c) offer many other services such as matchmaking. We plan to continually expand our content and marketing ideas.

Moving forward, I am always on the lookout for more GEO domains that fit my criteria.  I very recently acquired ClevelandHeights.net (a large city with a sizable Jewish population) on namejet, and Rivertowns.com from a private owner.

For a full list of domains purchased for this project click here.  If anyone has any business proposals, sponsorship opportunities or other ideas, you can email me through the contact form on Jewocity.com or just Shai AT Jewocity.com

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Location.com Sale and Partnership with eReal Estate Holdings, LLC

I am very excited to announce the sale and partnership of Location.com with Richard Swerdlow and eReal Estate Holdings, LLC.

eReal Estate Holdings has succesfully built out Condo.com, Houses.com and very recently Property.com along with Rick Schwartz. I look forward to having them build out this domain and hopefully learning from there expertise in SEO, marketing, lead gen and business in general.

We signed an NDA on the terms of the deal.

You can read the official Press Release here:


And more here:


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Order.com Sold

Last week Order.com was sold to Delivery.com a very successful food delivery company. Omar Kubba of Aftermarket.com did a brilliant job of opening the door and getting multiple offers from several key strategic buyers.

You can read more about it here:


And here:


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Bombarded lately with scam domain sales emails

Over the last month or so I have received hundreds of emails from supposed domain companies who are looking to sell similar keyword domains that I own. In every single case the domain they are trying to sell is expired. I have a list of just some of the few names these supposed brokers go by. If you google search some of these names you will come up with dozens more:

Premier Domain Brokers, imandala.com, dropcatchone.com, Riverside Domain brokers, donnyrhode.com, securecatch.com, domainsatriverside.com, riversidedomain.net, fabric24.com

The emails go like this:

Hello, my name is Sam Southerland with Premier Domain Brokers.
xxxxxxxx.com will be listed for sale in the next couple of days.

You are one of 26 companies/individuals who are either bidding on, have organically integrated or operate domain names related to the keyword set “keyword set”.
You can lower or eliminate any current/future advertisement expenses by becoming number one in search engines for this keyword set.
Purchasing xxxxxxxx.com can help you become the market leader. If you are interested please visit:

I will try to answer the most common questions I receive from my customers below.
In case your specific question is not answered, you can call us at 1-888-240-9137 (toll free in the USA and Canada) using reference code 656654.
A live person will handle anything you need pre/post purchase. To better serve you, we do not use automated phone support.
1) You receive a year of registration on us with your purchase so you don’t have to stress about renewing your domain for one year.
2) We only require a one-time fee for exclusive ownership. Premier Domain Brokers will only charge you once.
3) You don’t have to worry about re-branding or changing your current site. You can forward xxxxxxxx.com to any of your domains or vice versa at no cost.
4) All transactions use a 128-bit SSL encryption and are processed through Authorize.net, a leading payment gateway. We also accept PayPal for secure transactions.

Once you confirm your interest and the domain is ready to ship, one of my transfer specialists will contact you.
Thank you and have a great day.

Premier Domain Brokers
865 SW 78th Ave, Suite A100, Plantation, FL 33324

(Please use code: 656654 when calling our customer support)

Skype: globaldomainsellers
Live support: http://premierdomainbrokers.com/chat

Another email goes like this:

To Domain Owner,

We are emailing you in regards to xxxxxxxx.com which will become available on Monday, 06th Jun.

If you do have interest, please fill up priority notice form available here: http://donnyrhode.com/898972fodaga

Thank you and we apologize for the inconvenience if this is not of interest.
No more please: http://donnyrhode.com/u/898972fodaga

I have always received these in the past and I know others have as well. Most of us can quickly see the scam but the fact that they continue to pursue this route must mean that they are having some sort of success with it. To someone just starting out it can sound credible and may be enticing. The annoying thing for me is that these are now coming in by the hundreds. I am sure im not the only one.

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Some names for sale

The following names are for sale. Please contact me through the contact page if interested.

BastilleDay.com- France Independence day July 4th celebrated every year on July 14th.
CamercorderPhone(s).com- both singular and plural for sale.
VideoCameraPhone(s).com- both singular and plural for sale.

Premium .org’s




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