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As I was scrolling through today I saw a post on my domain on the DotWeekly blog and got a huge scare.  It said the domain has expired and went to auction on the GoDaddy site.  I quickly clicked through the article and saw that it was an error and the name had not expired.  I am actually pawning the name through Rick Latona’s DigiPawn service and the article mentioned Rick contacted GoDaddy about the mistake so they would remove the name from auction.

I realized that I was getting emails from GoDaddy that the name was expiring soon.  I had neglected the emails because I knew the name was in my Moniker account and didnt expire until next year.  There was some sort of GoDaddy glitch because it was previously registered through them but the name is safe in Moniker with Rick Latona for now and I can sleep easy tonight.


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