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Bombarded lately with scam domain sales emails

Over the last month or so I have received hundreds of emails from supposed domain companies who are looking to sell similar keyword domains that I own. In every single case the domain they are trying to sell is expired. I have a list of just some of the few names these supposed brokers go by. If you google search some of these names you will come up with dozens more:

Premier Domain Brokers,,, Riverside Domain brokers,,,,,

The emails go like this:

Hello, my name is Sam Southerland with Premier Domain Brokers. will be listed for sale in the next couple of days.

You are one of 26 companies/individuals who are either bidding on, have organically integrated or operate domain names related to the keyword set “keyword set”.
You can lower or eliminate any current/future advertisement expenses by becoming number one in search engines for this keyword set.
Purchasing can help you become the market leader. If you are interested please visit:

I will try to answer the most common questions I receive from my customers below.
In case your specific question is not answered, you can call us at 1-888-240-9137 (toll free in the USA and Canada) using reference code 656654.
A live person will handle anything you need pre/post purchase. To better serve you, we do not use automated phone support.
1) You receive a year of registration on us with your purchase so you don’t have to stress about renewing your domain for one year.
2) We only require a one-time fee for exclusive ownership. Premier Domain Brokers will only charge you once.
3) You don’t have to worry about re-branding or changing your current site. You can forward to any of your domains or vice versa at no cost.
4) All transactions use a 128-bit SSL encryption and are processed through, a leading payment gateway. We also accept PayPal for secure transactions.

Once you confirm your interest and the domain is ready to ship, one of my transfer specialists will contact you.
Thank you and have a great day.

Premier Domain Brokers
865 SW 78th Ave, Suite A100, Plantation, FL 33324

(Please use code: 656654 when calling our customer support)

Skype: globaldomainsellers
Live support:

Another email goes like this:

To Domain Owner,

We are emailing you in regards to which will become available on Monday, 06th Jun.

If you do have interest, please fill up priority notice form available here:

Thank you and we apologize for the inconvenience if this is not of interest.
No more please:

I have always received these in the past and I know others have as well. Most of us can quickly see the scam but the fact that they continue to pursue this route must mean that they are having some sort of success with it. To someone just starting out it can sound credible and may be enticing. The annoying thing for me is that these are now coming in by the hundreds. I am sure im not the only one.


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